We Find Your Items a New Home

After the initial consultation, we begin the unique process of setting up your sale.

  • Hiring Outland Estate Liquidators comes with a hard-working, careful and trustworthy team who will clean, sort, stage, appraise, price, market and sell your home's contents.

  • Every item in your sale will have a price that has been researched based on Market Value.

  • WE ADVERTISE! Through our growing social connections and e-mail subscribers, we will heavily market your inventory in print and online. 

  • Our sales run from 2 to 8 days depending on the size of your estate

  • The sale will be handled on-site.  We have found that people need to visualize their purchase.

  • The site will be broom swept clean and ready for marketing, rental or residence. 

 You Get the Best of Both Worlds

  • Every Estate has items that  may not be right for a typical estate sale.  Those items will be included in the estate sale with the knowledge of their value in other venues.  They will be consigned and sold in a variety of channels we manage after the estate sale is over.

  • We work with you before, during and after the sale.






We know your time is precious, so we have a process that is seamless with no upfront cost to you. 


No matter what the circumstances are for needing our services, our reasonable charges are based on several factors: size of estate, contents to be liquidated and other services requested. 

The nice part about it for you is there is no upfront cost. 

Expenses in connection with your sale are taken out of our fee, so you will not be charged on the back-in.