What Our Buyers are Saying about Us

"Awesome folks!!! Great job with all their sales!!!" ~ S. KERNEY-QUILLEN

"The Outland's are very professional and passionate about their business!" ~ R. McHUGH

"​Great items. Love the preview pics and all the information prior to the sale!!"​ ~ S. SHEPARD

"​Great people and very well organized! Love going to their sales" ~ S. MORGAN

​"Had so much fun with great prices and merchandise. Organized very well always polite. ​So many things to choose from. 
I find things I never knew I wanted. I will be at all of there events. Can't wait ! TY" ~ C. WILLIAMS

"I have followed Outland Estates Sales here and there for years now, very pleasent people,especially when people come that are rude, pushy and greedy. They handle crowds like champions - no estate sale seems to be to big for them. I look very forward to other sales in the future, Outland sees potential buyers as people. They will help in any way possible - finding people in any business nowadays who know how to treat customers is a rare gift, keep up the good work guys.  
​You can bet when I can I'll be at your sales, God Bless"  ~ WJK KRUT

What Our Families We Serve Have Said about Us

Outland Estate Liquidators were a Godsend!! We were faced with dealing with the estate of a family member in Elizabethton and we live in Texas!! Amy understands how difficult this process is for families and she was patient and caring for our needs and feelings. They are professional and fair. They worked hard to prepare the sale so items were staged to sell. They probably liquidated 98% of the estate. They even delivered the items that did not sell to a local church as our donation. I cannot express how much we appreciate Amy & Keith Outland and the experience we had with them. They are the best ! ! ! 

​                                                                                                                                                      ** K. Johnson (Served in May 2015)

​From the initial contact until they handed over the house key, the Outlands were courteous, considerate, and professional. We were overwhelmed when a family member died unexpectedly. We had no idea how to handle his belongings. We were very fortunate to find the Outlands. It is refreshing to find contractors who do exactly what they say they will do in a timely manner.

​                                                                                                                                                      **  C. Kirby (Served in February 2016)

Keith and Amy:  Thank you so much for the wonderful job you did for Ann and me at last week's estate sale.  Your professionalism, commitment, and energy were all outstanding.  The results you achieved far exceeded our expectations.
We would be happy to recommend your Company to anyone considering an estate sale in the future.
Thank you again, and Best Wishes to you and your staff:  

                                                                                                                                                     ** R&A Harrison (Served in July 2016)

Amy and her group handled a sale for me in October 2016. The way Amy and her crew conduct their business is very impressive. It is not easy selling almost everything you own but these guys are very sensitive to your needs. They are honest, trustworthy and organized. Their demeanor made me feel comfortable and okay about what was going on. They came into my home, listened to my story and walked me through the process. Selling most everything was painful, so I would leave my home for them to prep for the sale. I returned each evening. It was like my best friends were in my home. They kept everything in the home neat and if I saw something I wanted to remove it was no issue.  I literally left my house and belongings in their hands and they did not disappoint.

From Amy to Diana to Melissa and Danny, there is not a more caring bunch. I can't stress enough how personable they were.  If you are considering a sale like this feel free to contact me with any questions from a seller's point of view. I will recommend Outland to you and you will get my resounding approval.  A company is no better than the people who make it run. And there isn't a better company ANYWHERE than Outland. Thank you guys! 
                                                                                                                                                                             ** K. Harmon (Served in October 2016)

I wanted to tell Keith and his staff how much I appreciate everything that was done during the recent sale. Everything was handled professionally and respectfully . I couldn't be happier with the outcome. If anybody out there is thinking about downsizing or moving, you need to contact Outland Liquidators. You can't go wrong!

                                                                                                                                                    ** J. Shipley (Served in March 2017)

When my elderly parents needed to move to assisted living from their large home which was completely filled from a lifetime of collecting and accumulating, I enlisted the help of Outland Estate Liquidators.  Keith and Amy were very professional, completely taking care of everything once I turned the house over to them.  Outland obtained a fair price for the items and I was relieved of the hassle of trying to deal with 5000+ square feet of stuff.  Outland even met with our realtor following the sale and coordinated turning the home over to the realtor.  The whole process was completely hassle free from my end.  
                                                                                                                                                      ** G. Snodgrass (Served April 2017)